Teaching a Brush Lettering Workshop


Something happened the more I shared my work online. I began getting requests from people, asking how to start lettering. Making people happy makes me so happy, so this idea of teaching naturally felt like something I’d enjoy doing. To be honest, at the time I had only being pursuing lettering for 2 years, so just as soon as the idea of teaching came up, that all so familiar “imposter syndrome” feeling also joined in on the fun. But how’s that saying go again? Oh yeah, it was from Susan Jeffers’ book, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.” And so I did, with 3 sold out workshops that year.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
— Susan Jeffers

While I didn’t get a chance to take many photos from the first workshops, I made sure to capture some moments from my latest one in Palm Springs, which was hosted in Thick as Thieves’ charming space. I coordinated drinks and snacks for my students and freshly printed risograph workbooks from Awkward Ladies Club.


I remember in the first two workshops, when I stood up to give an introduction, how my words and hands would tremble. I had to quell thoughts like, “What am I doing here?” “What business do I have teaching anyone?” Those negative thoughts dissipated as I began to take on questions and finding myself being able to answer everything with ease. In turn, I found that, no matter where you are in life, there’s always going to be something you can bring to the table. And while I might not feel like a master yet, there’s a beginner out there looking to take that first step, and I can be there to help ease that transition. I’m grateful for my hosts, students and partner, for all of their support and enthusiasm. It’s a great feeling to be able to give back and I look forward to developing more workshops in the future.

Pictured,  Lindsay Hollinger.

New workshops and events will be added periodically in my shop, so keep a look out and follow me on Instagram for announcements on future events. If you have a space to host and would like to book me for an event, say hello and tell me all about it here.


Many Thanks To:

Jeremy Smick and Samantha Caltagirone for hosting the workshop in their beautiful space.


Written by Kim Van Vu. Photos by Isaac Orloff. Event Space at Thick as Thieves

Kim Vu