Away In Store Monogramming


Last year, Away reached out to me to do custom in-store lettering on their luggages, as part of a charity collaboration with Peace Direct. Peace Direct works with local communities around the world to stop violence and build sustainable peace. Away has been supporting the work of Peace Direct, and so for the event, customers who donated to the cause would be able to receive a custom monogram on their luggage. Each city highlights a conflict and peace builder from different parts of the world, at the San Francisco store, we informed about the conflict in DR Congo.

You can learn more about their story on their website.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with companies that are dedicated to making communities better.


Since then, I’ve been invited to work on many more in-store events with them. I worked together with the team to create styles and motifs that would work best for the purpose of the event. The best part of it all is seeing the excitement on each client’s face as they come in to pick up their luggage. It’s opportunities like these that motivate me to work hard everyday. Thank you to everyone on the team who worked together to make this happen!

One of my favorite custom pieces, a sleek black on black treatment.

One of my favorite custom pieces, a sleek black on black treatment.


Written by Kim Van Vu.

Kim Vu